Hi, my name is Michael Pulford and I am contesting the upcoming election on March 28th 2020 in our new Division 6 electorate. I was very grateful for the support I received in the 2016 election, receiving 21% of the vote in my first campaign gave me the confidence to have another crack. I have lived and worked in Division 6 for nearly 20 years. I am excited at the prospect of representing this region for the next 4 years. Importantly, the Division 6 boundaries have changed, view these new changes here, which may affect where you now vote.

The time is right for change, an injection of renewed energy and vigour to maximise growth opportunities for the region.

In order to capitalise on these growth opportunities, we need visionary leadership, a clear understanding of issues and the experience to look at the big picture. Politics aside, we need to work together to channel resources into building a better, more sustainable future for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. For this reason, I am standing as an independent and I am funding my own campaign again (with NO donations). I am not aligned to a political party and I don’t believe that local government is a place for party politics. My primary aim is to represent the rate payers of Division 6 with honesty and integrity and give them a voice.

Gold Coast City: Division 6

About Michael Pulford

A little bit about me. I was born in South Africa in January 1974, my mother was British and my father South African, my twin brother and I were the youngest of 5 siblings. Following my graduation in Year 12 from Selborne College in 1991, I was afforded the opportunity to serve as a Rotary Exchange Student in Oregon, USA in 1992. On my return in early 1993, I attended Rhodes University (Grahamstown) and graduated with a BCom Degree. A turning point in my life occurred in 1995, due to one person’s stupid decision to drink and drive, we lost our dear mother in a car accident.

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Michael Pulford and his Family

My 6 Point Plan

Fix traffic chaos

The most frustrating issue facing Gold Coasters since I arrived in 2001 has been traffic congestion. Whilst some good work has been done here with the widening of Bundall Road and various other roadworks, Southport, and indeed the rest of the Gold Coast will continue to gridlock until we can find a …

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Preserve Open Space

We need to do our bit for climate change and that means minimising the impact to green space whilst planning for population growth and new development. I believe we need to keep high density development away from the suburbs where possible….

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Boost local jobs

Statistically, there is a direct correlation between high unemployment rates and crime rates and there is also an obvious link between low unemployment and a stronger, healthier economy. My aim is to approach large companies nationally to set up their offices in the CBD of the…

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Community Safety

Having worked in Southport for nearly 2 decades, I have witnessed a number of unsavoury incidents, some of which I have personally reported to police. During holiday season, the population on the Gold Coast swells to double its size and our already under-resourced police numbers are barely increased over this period……

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Revitalise CBD

Southport is the official CBD of the Gold Coast, but it doesn’t look like it. It needs to be a place where people work and play. Light rail provides a wonderful opportunity to build this into a genuine hub and restore investor confidence. But we also need an attraction…

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Keep rates low

Manage the money better, cut wasteful spending, and run the GCCC like a smart businessperson would. I recognise the need to keep rates low, especially with the ever increasing cost of living and comparatively sluggish wages growth.

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